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French Country Marché​


If you’ve ever wondered how the French celebrate Christmas, one thing is for sure, in France, it’s an occasion for merrymaking for both adults and children. Christmas in France, although highly varied in celebration and tradition depending on the region you are in, is a family holiday first and foremost and the French spare no expense in making a Joyeux Noel for everyone.

France begins celebrating the Christmas season, on 4 of December, St. Barbara's Day and continue celebrating through the 2 of February, Candlemas. Some regions favor the Christmas tree, others the Nativity Scene called, "la crèche"  but everyone celebrates Christmas with a traditional meal on Christmas Eve. A sweet bûche de Noël cake representing the Yule log on the fire, and mistletoe are not far behind. Who doesn't like sweet kisses under the Mistletoe.

If you love Old World charm, these ornaments will transport you straight into the court of Marie Antionette. They are non-breakable with an antique finish and beautiful reliefs. Each ornament is hand painted with that iconic charm in mind. Sizes range from XL to Small.